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I have always had a passion for color and creativity, so while I was earning my BFA in Musical Theatre at Auburn University and performing on their main stage, I also studied stage makeup and worked behind the scenes on various shows and projects. Through that work I realized I loved using makeup to tell a story, and now as a freelance artist I am able to work hand in hand with individual clients and creative teams to craft a completely customized look. I have also gained skills and extensive product knowledge through experience in both the retail and salon/spa industries, and enjoy continuing my artistic education through workshops and collaborations across the country. Together let's tell your story and make you feel Fresh & Fabulous!


Bright Eyes

On-site makeup services to achieve your most desired look whether that be effortlessly fresh, boldly glamorous, or anything in between.

Seeing Double

Collaborating with creative teams on custom projects and shoots. Publications include VonRouge Magazine

Majestic India

Implementing makeup designs for shows including MKE Fashion Week and Majestic India by Sahil Exclusive (in collaboration with The FacePro)


Fresh & Fabulous


"Makeup is a form of art and boy, I walked away feeling like a masterpiece. Bridget is genuinely talented and made me feel so beautiful!"

| Elisabeth G |



Touch Base

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